Listen 2 My Heart Vlog#22 and #23

I put these two vlogs with each other because they coincide together. The first video is almost a story leading up to the reason of why I felt depress for so long. Sorry for the video quality. I will get better. Let me know your thoughts.




My Vocal Mission

This link below showcases my vocal past and present. I am presently a worship leader/background singer at Fathom Church. I also write my own songs and upload Listen2 My Heart Vlogs and covers of singing videos.

Erica Simpson’s Vocal Mission/Resume

Beautiful Proposal

I had the honored to sing for a friend at his proposal to his girlfriend. She thought that they were just taking pictures but little did she know.


Taking control of my LIFE!

Fuel is food not theraphy

Today, I realized something. I do not think I tackled what I went through in my past. The reason I say this is because out of emotions today, I stuffed myself and bitched until I just started crying as I swallowed food that I didn’t want in my body. I have cried before when I stuffed my face out of emotion and then in return I made myself throw up ( I was on borderline of being bulimic)

I have always said that the verbal abuse that I received as a child did not have any effect on me, but I noticed that today that it was a lie! It has affected me. That is why I can say so proudly that I am fat, a big girl, big ass and etc. I don’t say it to boost my self-esteem. I say it to beat anyone that thinks about it or wants to say it. So, if they do come with the verbal abuse, I will feel better that I accept who I am.

The good thing about this is that I realized that those words did traumatize me. And now I have to fix what was done to me. I have accepted I am weak when it comes to food and discipline in my life, period. But the other good thing about that is, I choose to become better, I choose to beat what satan is trying to stop God from doing in my life. I cry as I write this blog because I want to WIN IN LIFE and I am not going to let this beat me. I can’t and I won’t!


Drastic Changes

Amazing Dancer! Gone Too, Soon!

     Amazing Dancer. Gone too soon!

The link above is about a 15 year old named Lamarrion Upchurch aka  “Lil BZ”. If you are like me, you have watched this amazing dance called “Clowning”. The group that Lamarrion Upchurch belong to was the Tsquad Family which was created by Tommy The Clown. This amazing 15-year-old life was taken by senseless gun violence in California. Not only was his life ended but his life was taken on Mother’s Day!

My heart pains for this kid ( and I don’t even know him) I guess, since I have been watching Tommy the Clown, I’ve become to love every dancer in the Tsquad Group.

They brought laughter and put smiles on people’s faces in this world by CLOWNING AROUND! Not only that but Tommy The Clown created Clowning to get kids off the street so that they could concentrate on what they love ( dancing) and to just get away from this world’s nonsense!!! Tommy The Clown allowed these kids to incorporate their anger, sadness, pain, happiness, and joy into the renowned dance of what is called “CLOWNING”!

Please support Lamarrion Upchurch family by donating any amount for funeral expenses. Just click on the link above (highlighted in blue) and then after that take a look at the video below of an amazing kid who brought joy to the world with his smile and GIFT of Dancing! #myheartaches 😦


To be gone from the body, is to be present with the Lord

                  You made a difference in this world and didnt even know it!!! You touched many people’s heart. Even mines. My heart cries for you and your family.


Pain Hidden Behind A Smile!

Hidden pain

Last night, I had a very long talk with a love one,who, when every time I looked at her she was always smiling and in good spirits. But I’ve come to find out that the smile I was seeing was to hide the fact that she was hurting and in dire pain. As I spoke with her, she spilled her heart out and I sat there and let my ears do the listening.

What she told me still sticks to my heart and runs through my mind. And I cry for her to God. I cry for her spiritually and physically for her and her beautiful children. After hearing her story and the journey she is about to embark on, I sit back and wonder why people feel that they have to always be strong on the inside? Why can’t you just let go and cry out to the heavens? Really,give it to God and cry out to Him?

Why do we allow a smile to hide our pain when we have a voice!? I can answer those questions for you:

  1. People are too judgmental! We don’t need YOU judging me, when I am trying to confidently tell you about what I am holding in my heart.
  2. We want trust! I do not want you going and telling people about my problems just so it can benefit your “Gossipy Spirit” .
  3. I call or I choose to speak to you about what I am dealing with and I just want you to listen. I do not want your OPINION! If I want your OPINION, I will ask for your OPINION.
  4. If I want to be by myself for a while and I don’t answer your call. Please don’t ignore me or move out of my life. I just want to  get away from the world for a while.  I promise that I still LOVE YOU!
  5. Try to be understandable. You might not have been where they have been and probably don’t and will not understand their situation. And that is OK! It probably was not meant for you to understand in the first place. Just listen (Look at #3) and be there for them. They might not say it! But they need you more than you will ever know

4 Year Anniversary




This year marks 4 years since I’ve been with Word Press and blogging my heart away. I should have more than 183 posts…. I will do better this year. I wonder if I could hit a 1,000 at the least or maybe even more? I have to stop letting life challenges get in the way of what I see as a “Memoir Of My Life for the world to read.

I shall and I will do better……

Sometimes you have to let go!

We meet people in life and think they will be there forever! But you have to realize that sometimes they are there to do what God needs to do. And then you have people that will be there for the rest of your life. Do not hold on to someone when God is telling you to let go. Do not hold on to someone that does not want to be apart of your life because you want them in your life.

Value and Respect who you are and know that you are worth it!


One Sweet Day!

On Mother’s Day, I decided to sing One Sweet Day by Mariah Carey and Boyz to Men. I am amazed that I sang this song without breaking down crying. This song is also dedicated to the many that do not have a mom anymore. I feel your pain… Sing with me…

One day, I will see my mom again. And when we meet I will never let her go……



Happy Mother’s Day!

I share with you, my mother.  It has now been 9 years since the last time I bought a gift and said.” Happy Mother’s Day!” to my mother. I will never get to see her beautiful smile and hear her say.” Thank You” and feel that motherly hug and love. This is a very emotional video… so grab a tissue…….