Helping and Understanding Each Other As One!

imageAn update on my husband. We finally got things settled. He was happy when he came home and he wanted to talk to me. As stubborn as I am, I did not want to talk, I was just going to stay to myself.  But, we talked and one thing that I came to conclusion with, that I knew that we needed in our marriage,was helping each other out when it came to each other’s goals and dreams. We would help each other out a little, but not like we should. So, now we are working on that as of today. Marriage is a very serious commitment, it is not what you see on TV. It is an covenant with God and it is about how we are going to make it together as one flesh (going through the hard and good times). I love him even though we are in the situation we are in. I thank God for this situation, because I know it is going to get better (it is gradually getting better, and that is enough for me). Be content where you are; because how can God give you bigger when you can not even except the little.


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