I am closer then I think!!!


I work for myself and not for anyone else.Yes, I am still working at a job but not for long. I am speaking into existence of what I want in my life. I am working on a lot of things this year and I am hoping for a great outcome in 2015 or by the end of  2014. It is going to be a lot of work, but I am OK with that, a lot of struggles,and tears but I am OK with that too.  I do not believe that I have “Wanting to give up” in my vocabulary; because I have been through enough to think POSITIVE, regardless of the outcome or what I may be going through at that moment in life. I have come a long way and went through a lot spiritually to get to that point of never having…… “Negativity Creep Up IMSoul, Anymore”. I will tell you more of my trials later, I am still contemplating on whether I want to make my life experiences into a book or if I want to turn it into a blog.

As I am typing,l am crying because even though I have scars, I made it! I am still living today and not a “DAMN” person can stop Me!!! This is why I can say, that I can and will continue to be positive. From here… I am going to go up. Like my mother said, “The sky is the limit and to never put a cap on what I can do in life”. I am excited for what God has for me and excited for what I can do with my life. This blog is going to be a blog, where I tell you the truth about me and who I am, no filters. Promise.



Achieve Your Dream
Defines my soon to come-FREEDOM

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