God is in my heart, I felt Him :)


While I was at church, I was so distant from everyone. I wanted to be to myself because I was hurting, but with feeling that hurt, I still felt joy. I guess you can say, that is the God that I serve. It felt like He was letting me know that even though I felt what I was feeling, He was still there, present in my heart.

I was so stubborn at church, to the point I did not speak to anyone. I tried to run out of the church before my pastor seen me because I did not want to cry,lol. It is funny to me now as I replay my actions, in my head of that morning!!! I did not want the tears to release from my eyes; But my pastor caught me and to my surprise I did not cry. I have gotten to a point in my life that I am so tired of crying…Is that a bad thing? I don’t know. I know that it does heal the soul. Because every time I cry, I feel better (depending on what the situation is) however,

I felt better after I left church, I felt rejuvenated, I felt like the spiritual bondage I was in, had left my spirit.

I learn in church, and this is confirmation to my spirit: is that, you need to prepare yourself each day by: Praying to God and telling him to prepare you for anything that the devil tries to throw at you. So, for now on when I wake up in the morning, I am going to pray to God and tell him to prepare me for any NONSENSE that idiot (satan) tries to throw at me.

"Even the animals know God made them... They know that He is present, even if all you see is evil"
“Even the animals know God made them… They know that He is present, even if all you see is evil”



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