Irritation Transforms Into Positivity

I get really irritated with people who do ignorant,and stupid things!!! 

I mean.. You can make life easier by just “COOPERATING”, but you rather be  “DIFFICULT”!!!!The Face of Irriation Aaaaaahhhhhhhh   !!!!.

I just do not understand “HUMANS”, I know I am a Christian-but I sometimes want to “SLAP” people right in the back of their neck…. Just ranting here…. I talked about this situation to my husband and “to myself”, Yep!, to myself,lol.


I walked an hour today, it was kind of a choice and then it was because of the fact of not having anyone to pick me up. One “Awesome Present” about me walking from work is: The walk will benefit me losing weight. So, for now own, even if it takes an hour I am going to be walking home from work…That way- 1. “Reiterating the sentence above”-I am going to be losing weight and 2. I will get my exercising out of the way and on to doing other tasks.


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