Noticing “His” Presence

There is something special I want to share. I have been feeling this a lot lately, especially in the bathroom (Don’t laugh yet- I am going somewhere with this) ; Anyways, I usually, when I am getting ready to sing on Sunday, I would be in the bathroom rehearsing my songs which turns into worship. I think, I made a place for the Holy Spirit to come in and base in my presence “In the bathroom” -in saying that: Every time I am in the bathroom, I start to feel emotional for no reason and began to cry…. I thought it was because of depression or some other mental illness that I “use” to have; Mind you, I did not feel depressed or unhappy-right then I knew that it was nothing but God’s Presence and He wanted me to worship and hearken to His gentle voice. Speaking about it now has me jittery inside, in a “good way”. When you start to want to seek God’s face, He will start coming to you-“like a child would want his mother”…….

There is this song that touches my spirit a lot, every time I listen to it. It is called: Holy by Kim Walker ( I believe I talked about this in another post) But, when I listen and I sing this song I am learning how to worship God- it relates to my heart, and my mind in a “MIRACULOUS WAY” .

One part of the song that I take in so deeply is this verse: This verse below in the picture – In my heart- I let God know what He has done for me in the process of my pain and long years of dealing in agony. I am letting Him know that “He brung me out of the darkness and into the light” and I am so thankful for “His Love and Mercy”. These verses are very powerful: The whole song is awesome but these 4 verses speak to me:

Just one look - on Your face Just one glance - of Your eye My whole world - is changed My whole world - is changed
Just one look – on Your face
 Just one glance – of Your eye
 My whole world – is changed
 My whole world – is changed

Just sitting here, while I type this post, I am beginning to feel Him and I am feeling that emotion again, of wanting to cry- I know that is” His gentle SPIRIT“. My God……. Now, I know what my mom felt when she began to have that intimate relationship with God.  I have always ask God- to let me have that relationship that He had with my mom and I am getting a taste of Heaven that my mother endured.…. The more I seek him, the more he will show up unexpectedly- AND I WANT THAT!! 🙂






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