The “Bipolar” Gospel Singer 2

I have made my decision to choose another alternative then taking medication. I am going to find ways to combat my Bipolar w/o popping the ZOMBIES. I read on a lot of websites today that said, “You have to take medicine for your bipolar”, and I just don’t agree with that.  And I have two reasons why……..

1. I remember a few years back when I spoke with my Primary Care Physician, he told me that before I result in taking the pill I should try reading a book or exercising. So, if a doctor has faith in me then why can I try other ways to deal with my bipolar?

2. I serve a God that believes that I can do anything through Christ that strengthens me. Whatever you speak in your life so shall it be- I speak that I don’t need to take any medicine even though I have my moments!!! Guys, I really believe that I can be deliver from this illness without the pills. If it does result in me taking the pills then so be it….But until then, I am in war with the (ZOMBIES -MEDICATION) and I am going to win with God and my husband on my side.


I am not trying to put anyone down that takes their medication, because if you need it then you need it. I just choose NOT  to take it. That is just my choice. But, I advise anyone that is taking medication for “any mental illness”- to continue taking it.  I do not know how severe it maybe. My bipolar is not as bad as others.. So, I am able to control it a little.

Just to let you know I did have a episode ( 05/21/2014 Wednesday) out of nowhere, but with prayer and pleading to God and talking to my husband… I got through it. There are always going to be trials in life but you choose how you go through it- and if that solutions works, then stick with it. God did not say, it would be easy!!!


If I take medication, this is exactly what I would look like.
If I take medication, this is exactly what I would look like.

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