Your “VISION”-Let It Bloom In Front Of The World

I want to share something with the world and I really want everyone to take this in….. I am so serious about what I am going to say that I want it to touch everyone and I mean everyone……It might even help that one person who is being Peer Pressured.


When you have a dream that is permeated in your heart, DON’T  LET IT GO!… Make your dreams come alive in this world. Do not let anyone tell you that it is not worth pursuing because they do not see your VISION. If they don’t believe in what your vision is about then don’t ever tell them about your plans of having a successful life. Even with friends/co-workers, you will know if they share the same mindset as you, just by having a simple conversation with them-and if they don’t share your VISIONcut them lose from your professional lifeYOUR dream, YOUR vision.




Don’t Stop! being who YOU are, and what YOU are trying to succeed in life; just because your family/co-workers/or friends don’t believe in YOU. If YOU stop pursuing your dreams YOU just prove them right and then YOU are not happy. Even if you fail, it still does not prove them right, it just means YOU need to find others ways to change the world or continue working on your successful life-it just means you are closer to your success. Believe me, I have failed plenty of times…and I feel it in my bones and have faith in God that I am closer then I have ever been.


If you don’t believe in yourself, then how are you ever going to make your dream come alive! Disney said it best, “A dream that you wish will come true”. Don’t trust in anyone to support YOU or believe in what YOU are doing to make your life better.

“Always trust God and believe in yourself”

You are the only one that is going to make a difference-Make it now :)-Erica Simpson-Guthman


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