I can not wait …

I can not wait until I make it to where I want to be, then I will see who the fake people are!!

I already see fake people around me just by how I know I do not have as much as them and how they may treat me differently because they are able to buy certain things in life that at this moment I can not afford (at this moment) soon and very soon- I will have the money to get whatever I want. I just wish there were more people in this world that was not so materialistic. I wish I could eliminate materialistic people, lol. Just joking!!!! I think-lol




Happy Father’s Day

When Mother’s Day came around…. It was about losing a mother, and not being able to share that special day with that mother. Well today I just want to say, that I am honored to be able to spend time with my father today and to the ones who’s father has went up to glory.. I know the pain-it might not have been with my father but losing my mother measures about up to the same.

Sometimes, I wonder if one day I wake up or I go to work and come home to received a call that he has past- just because I lost my mother 5 years ago.

But anyway, I thank God for allowing  my father to be able to see today and many more. And for the ones that don’t have  a father in your life (not because of death), be proud of that, because you are a better person because of his non-existence. Love him anyway even if your father was never in your life “for some reason”.  Just thank God that even if your physical father is not in your life at least you have a father in heaven who cares about  you and was your father from  the get go before you were CONCEIVED.

Also- sometimes when a father or mother was not in your life for sometime, you have to understand what they were going through-people have problems and you need to understand before you condemned them about not being in your life( especially if you are up in age)-you know what I  mean!. (even if it hurts like hell) Believe I know- I have cousins in my family that basically grew up without a father, or they know were their father is at but barely have a relationship with him.


Love you all and have a Happy Father’s Day!

Long TIme, No See!!!

Sorry I have not been writing a post a day. The reason is because of work!!! Very time consuming and when I get home I am tired. I still trying to find a way to stop myself from going to sleep. For the first time in my life I want to stay awake and make my dreams come true. I am sick and tired of sleeping.But I do have some good news!!!  But I will talk about that in July!!!  


I almost became homeless,but God. I have had 3 encounters of losing my home and God came through each time. But, what was so weird is that..This third time when we almost lost the house…. I did not care about being homeless. I just left it up to  God and I said to myself ” it is what it is” and I was happy. Does that sound normal or abnormal? I don’t know, but trusting in God is the  best thing that I can do to keep my sanity.