A place were God Dwells
              A place were God Dwells

I went through some difficult times of submission with new people coming to the church and joining the praise team. I have to say that the way that I acted towards the worship leader was very disrespectful!!!! so, for a while I was off the praise team. But, they have finally given me a second chance ( really a lot of chances, but I say, second chance because my heart is molding for God and I am getting to a place of intimately knowing Him)  in the month of November to show that I can be a team and be more about God and less about me.

But any who……………………

What this post is really about, is what happen at church -Sunday, November 09, 2014 at 9:00am. The worship team was rehearsing one last time before church begun- and all of the sudden they felt the Spirit of God just fall right on stage. And I never seen anything take place like it did that day. The spirit took control and turned part of that rehearsal into glorifying Him. It almost felt as if we were already starting church service. 🙂

My worship leader and my pastor just fell down to their knees and started to worship God...In Spirit and In Truth…. Tears fell into submission for God...”Letting the enemy know that everything you tried to throw at me, God still was in control…. And we give God praise regardless of the fiery darts that we endured this week”.

I wish you were there to see it, it was beautiful and I think not only our church but all churches should have that type of true worship whether during church service or even better during Rehearsal. The Spirit of God was ministering to their spirits from 9am to 9:30am until church began at 10am. I hope that when I am back on the stage that I am able to feel what they felt.. When I seen what God has done …. I just said, to my spirit that I have TWO GREAT LEADERS- they showed me what real worship is: it is not about how great you sound..But about that one on one personal worship with the HOLY SPIRIT. Worship is about God not about putting on a show.

If you are in Jacksonville Florida…Come by and visit this awesome church- that takes God as the center of everything they do and that keeps it realer then ever- Jacksonville Worship Center.


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