But God

I am beginning to pray more and my faith is starting to become stronger in Christ, the more I pray.  Right now financially there are somethings coming at me so hard, but because of God I am able to not worry and find a way to make my financial situation better.  One thing I do hate, is working at a job that does not pay us enough (as far as wages go). My husband has to work doubles to make ends me-but the sad part is…..It still does not help financially, Barely… But because of God…. Somewhere, supernaturally…We make ends meet, and it is not because of me but because of God.  I have so much peace even though I might be struggling… And it is because of God….The things I went through last year prepared me for 2015. I am just so joyful!!! I am going to have an awesome year…. I just feel it and know it. I even knew I was going to have a great year,  before the New Years came.  I am happy that the presence of God is with me…. I need more of Him….There are some things, I am going to have to break free from, to received more of Him.


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