3rd Dream!

I had a dream… In that dream I ran to a fence and I seen angels! And while the angels were gathering around me: These big black birds-almost the size of falcons… Started to come at me… These birds were near me but they could not touch me. I then ( while the angels followed me ) Ran to my church and inside the church I was with other people ( and the reason I say other people is because it was not my people that go to- (Jacksonville Worship Center ) This dream, felt like I was in a rapture…. This is the third dream of the rapture. People wake up and get your life right with Christ and start to believe with your heart and soul who is the TRUE MESSIAH!!

P.S- my mother who past away in April 2009 was in my dream as well- I was driving her somewhere in she looked very sick and she then turned me and said- CANCER. Now I don’t know how to interpret that: either she is telling me I am going to have cancer or I finally know how she really died. A very deep and powerful dream.

“Any comments spiritually and are from God would be appreciated.”


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