Where is help, when needed 

I’ve been going through something’s and when I need help- I can’t even get it! Like I had stated way before-I am bi-polar and I have stop taking my pills. I went two years in not taking them but it has hit me that I need to take them to get better. I still believe that God has healed me and I will be healed but in his timing. This post makes me seem so fake because of what I said in my previous post…. But I guess that is a mind of a bi polar person! Anyways, well I have been asking people for help because I need to start taking something immediately before my insurance kicks in on June 1st. But I cant seem to find anything or anyone to help me. I might lose my job because of my illness…. And that sucks.. I really have no control over what I feel right now! Anyways just sharing my thoughts you all have a bless day, 


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