Still feel depressed

  • Ok, my depression did not not just start today or yesterday! It started about 2 weeks ago, while at work. But for the last week I have been down, very down and I have no control over it! When I wake up in the morning ( just like today) I am scared and down. Since my job is paying for me to see a counselor- I wonder what they are going to do for me? I went the first time to a counselor and I thought it went great because she had the same thing I had- bi polar but I felt like she was talking more about her problems then mines and I felt rush so I wonder how this guy is going to do! Man, so that I can work and keep the job I have – all I want is meds! All I want to do is get better and people keep giving me the run around. I remember when I was in Georgia and they had a free clinic where you talked to a psychiatrist and they had group meetings after that you got your medication, if you need it! And it was like $5.00. But I’ve been looking up for that same type of treatment. And it seems like “Stupid Jacksonville” has NOTHING! And on that note- it seems that my mother (rih) was the only one who believed and understood what I was going through…. I am a Christian with a disorder and I need help. Also why people think mental illness is not real and if you take medication, it is a placebo to make you think it is working? I have people in my family that think like that! And it irks my nerves! One thing I will say, be careful who you tell your business….. Mental illness is as real as cancer!

4 Replies to “Still feel depressed”

  1. Hello, I understand what it’s like to feel depressed, I have had moments when I have felt very sad very often but I’m not bi-polar, I know that the battle we face is not against flesh or blood, only the power of God can heal, strengthen and sustain us. Trust in Him and not in man. I will pray for you. Have faith and remember to pray.

    When David felt how we felt he said, “Why are you cast down, O my soul? And why are you disquieted within me? Hope in God; for I shall yet praise Him, the help of my countenance and my God.” Psalm 43:5

    1. That is what I needed to hear. The power of the word. Thank You so much for your awesome reply! You have a bless day! Please always give me great advice especially when it is from the Word of God

      1. You’re more than welcome. It is written that our brothers and sisters in the world go through similar struggles; that reminds me when I’m not feeling myself, when I’m really sad and low it reminds me that I am not alone.

        I was feeling a bit down for a little early today and although my spirit began to be uplifted after i prayed to God and went outside for sone fresh air for a bit, coming back and reading your response to my comment really made me smile and feel great; it is the highlight of my day.

        I’m glad you was encouraged, encouraging you encouraged me at the same time. God is good, we are encouraged and comforted many times when we are encouraging others.

        God bless you and may His gace and perfect peace be supplied to you. He loves you,” Therefore do not cast away your confidence, which has great reward, for you have need of endurance, so that after you have done the will of God you may recieve the promise.” Hebrews 10:35-36. May the Lord be with you and keep you.

      2. I am glad that I was able to uplift you in some way! That is one purpose I know that God put me here on this earth- is to uplift and put a smile on some one’s face. Just like God loves you, I love you as well! Have a bless day!

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