It is up to you!!! What is your destiny!!!

The way I feel today: Is a little upset and hurt!  I’ve made decisions in my life that I  am not happy with, and I want to get away from the future that I am in now. I do believe that days will get better, I Just wish that day was here NOW!!! I am 29 and nothing to show for it, that is my fault. The question is…. What am I going to do now?  I wish I could go back into my past and change some situation, and then maybe, hopefully, I will not be in the mess that I am in now… But, this is the real world and your mistakes are your mistakes and you can’t change them…. All you can do is accept those changes and move on to the other decisions and changes you want to make in your life….. I just pray to God that I make more good changes then bad decisions…. Like everyone would say, ” It is up to you Erica, It is up to you!”


To Reiterate

I am sorry for such a halt in The Blogging of My Heart. I’ve just been having somethings going on and now I am back! I am going to try, with God’s strength to blog even when I am having my problems or a bad day. My last post was about me being bi-polar and possibly taking pills for my bi-polar. But since then I have not took the pills and I actually feel better- I believe it is because of God and not accepting this sickness-has helped me.  I would not recommend this for any one ( I am not a doctor) ( not taking the pills or stop taking them). My past and my husband have helped me even more. I don’t believe that I was bi-polar, I believe that I did not deal with a lot of things when I was little, I just dealt with when it happened and all of a sudden I snapped at 17 years old and I went through a very rough trial—-but I am better, I feel better, I have not been depressed since the last post I wrote. I believe every ones (when dealing with being diagnosed by a psych)-it depends on you if you don’t want to accept it. I can’t tell you how to live your life with a illness but I can say that my belief in not accepting this illness has changed my life. And I thank God. I know my posts of me speaking about my bi-polar/ or having it-will confused people. But I  will say that some of the posts are from a women trying to find herself….AND I STILL AM!!!! I GIVE GLORY TO GOD, I PAT MYSELF ON MY BACK AND I THANK MY HUSBAND.