To Reiterate

I am sorry for such a halt in The Blogging of My Heart. I’ve just been having somethings going on and now I am back! I am going to try, with God’s strength to blog even when I am having my problems or a bad day. My last post was about me being bi-polar and possibly taking pills for my bi-polar. But since then I have not took the pills and I actually feel better- I believe it is because of God and not accepting this sickness-has helped me.  I would not recommend this for any one ( I am not a doctor) ( not taking the pills or stop taking them). My past and my husband have helped me even more. I don’t believe that I was bi-polar, I believe that I did not deal with a lot of things when I was little, I just dealt with when it happened and all of a sudden I snapped at 17 years old and I went through a very rough trial—-but I am better, I feel better, I have not been depressed since the last post I wrote. I believe every ones (when dealing with being diagnosed by a psych)-it depends on you if you don’t want to accept it. I can’t tell you how to live your life with a illness but I can say that my belief in not accepting this illness has changed my life. And I thank God. I know my posts of me speaking about my bi-polar/ or having it-will confused people. But I  will say that some of the posts are from a women trying to find herself….AND I STILL AM!!!! I GIVE GLORY TO GOD, I PAT MYSELF ON MY BACK AND I THANK MY HUSBAND.


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