It is up to you!!! What is your destiny!!!

The way I feel today: Is a little upset and hurt!  I’ve made decisions in my life that I  am not happy with, and I want to get away from the future that I am in now. I do believe that days will get better, I Just wish that day was here NOW!!! I am 29 and nothing to show for it, that is my fault. The question is…. What am I going to do now?  I wish I could go back into my past and change some situation, and then maybe, hopefully, I will not be in the mess that I am in now… But, this is the real world and your mistakes are your mistakes and you can’t change them…. All you can do is accept those changes and move on to the other decisions and changes you want to make in your life….. I just pray to God that I make more good changes then bad decisions…. Like everyone would say, ” It is up to you Erica, It is up to you!”


2 Replies to “It is up to you!!! What is your destiny!!!”

  1. LOL….Don’t be to hard on yourself. Just practices more discipline in all aspects of life and know that even under the best circumstances ish will still look like an undone mix of noctoius poison. The reality is sister is that past and future only exist in our minds and on calendars and time pieces across the ages. Grab a shovel and lets dig. Trench a hole in the backyard….lets see we got some grass, a lil sand, some mushy stuff that looks like clay…tired?! No…cool lets keep digging pass the sprinkler hose..dang we hit some roots. Go get an axe. (5 hours later) we back to digging and now the mosquitoes are feasting on us and the sun is about gone. I bet if we put the sand, dirt, and the mushy stuff under carbon dating they’ll be some genius that will tell us how old everything we submitted is and yet none of those materials will change once we find out the differences. Theres only NOW and in all mans endeavors theres gonna be different layers of strata to deal with along with the annoyances it’s just the nature of a fallen world. And in my opinion there were thorns before the fall just not in the field of mans work. If you want the roses my love your gonna have to plant and protect em’ and know that you will have to deal with the throns and they may peirce the same on the calendar the hurt is forever in the NOW. lol Thats about all Ekhart Tolle and I agree on.

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