My Life

I am coming to a point in my life of getting away from negative people and thier problems. Because when you are trying to get your disgruntled life together, you can allow them to pull you down…. You then just want to run away and get away from everyone. And that is where I am at. I cry, get upset…..but that does not fixed anything but let’s out my fustration of what is going on in my life!!!! -but I guess that is good thing, because you don’t want to let everything that is negative to be in your spirit, because that will result in a melt down and wanting to give up on life.

I want to cuss, but I am going to keep this professional and Christian like. I am sick of tired of people complaining about every DAMN thing!!! Just complain, complain, COMPLAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I just want to scream to the top of my lungs and just say,” the hell with everything!!!”

I will say this, with negativity being around me everyday..It drains me and I just don’t want to do anything……….But, I don’t want my negativity to beat me and ruin my life-like I have seen it ruin so many others.

So, as a Chrisitan how do you deal with what I just wrote about above?!!! I need guidance……………PLEASE HELP ME!!!!


Getting To Know What Worship Is Really About!!!!!

I am getting to a point in my life of  knowing that worship to God is not just about singing, it is not just about your gift (your gift is to worship God). It is more then that!! It is not about how good you sound or your scared you might mess up because you are singing in front of the congregation. It is about that one on one connection with the Holy Spirit- (do everything in spirit and it truth and everything else will fall into place)- when it comes to having that type of connection with God. We become complacent in the church to where everything is timed: Worship/Preaching/even spending time with people in the church……… I believe and know that God wants to take control of everything if you let Him. If you let God take control!!!! It will be a beautiful thing… Stop worrying about time….If people want to leave the church because you are taking too long then let them…. It is about you and God and no one else. Let’s be ourselves in church—-Let everything go and be free with your creator…Stop with all the timing and be free…. Some people need that type worship in church to where they can just let Go and let God take control. I do know and believe that people come to church because they want to let go and they don’t want to be afraid of what people might think, or be timed on how long they can praise God. I remember this church I use to go to called: Life Changing Ministries-And there was one day where the pastor allowed God to take over and we just laid ourselves(flaws and all) to God (we surrender everything and laid it at His wonderful feet) The pastor did not get a chance to preach-because how strong the spirit was that day in the church. So, to all churches If you feel the spirit about to take over, don’t go by what you think you should do!!! Follow the spirit—– You don’t know what God sees in the church..Sometimes people need to cry out to God in the wilderness when they seem all alone and don’t know what to do…. His thoughts are higher then our thoughts and His ways are different then our ways…. Don’t stop what God needs to do in church.