My Life

I am coming to a point in my life of getting away from negative people and thier problems. Because when you are trying to get your disgruntled life together, you can allow them to pull you down…. You then just want to run away and get away from everyone. And that is where I am at. I cry, get upset…..but that does not fixed anything but let’s out my fustration of what is going on in my life!!!! -but I guess that is good thing, because you don’t want to let everything that is negative to be in your spirit, because that will result in a melt down and wanting to give up on life.

I want to cuss, but I am going to keep this professional and Christian like. I am sick of tired of people complaining about every DAMN thing!!! Just complain, complain, COMPLAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I just want to scream to the top of my lungs and just say,” the hell with everything!!!”

I will say this, with negativity being around me everyday..It drains me and I just don’t want to do anything……….But, I don’t want my negativity to beat me and ruin my life-like I have seen it ruin so many others.

So, as a Chrisitan how do you deal with what I just wrote about above?!!! I need guidance……………PLEASE HELP ME!!!!


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