Singer/Songwriter and Having A Job


Since I have been working at my job, twice I have cried at my desk because I want my life to be way better then what it is today. I guess you can say it has been my fault since I have not tried hard enough to get myself out there so that people can see who I really am,and what I am about.

Well, for the past couple of days I have settled down and started reading books about the music business and working on my 6 songs that I have created and while doing that I go to a job that does nothing for my career but pay me paycheck to paycheck. I know I need money to live but the pain I have that I try to tuck away so that I want quit my job is unbearable, I want my singing to replace my job.

I am tired of working for people and I want to live the life I want! I am not going to lie: the way my life is right now it is not easy staying motivated at all but I try, and to be honest with you I don’t think trying is enough……I’ve called out so much from my job-where it is close to me getting fired…..And the most risky thing that I want to do is..quit my job and drive off to a recording studio, record my music and get everything together to get it sent off to an A&R Representative.

Change has to start now and it starts with me!!!

I really just want someone to give me a chance




Knowing God

Today, I feel a little better. You want to know why? Because, around 1am or 2am in the morning, my husband open up the bible and started sharing God’s word with me. When I say, “My spirit registered and peace started to feel with-in”- I mean just what I say.

You know, the previous post that I posted, basically stating on knowing God more… I feel that you should spend time with God as much as you can-because anything and everything can attack you. And satan will find a way to take a hold of you and make you feel that you should give up and be negative, all the time.

I know what I am saying, because I have had times where I spent time with God and I felt different, and felt that I could conquer the world—and today, since my husband just read God’s word and I set there quietly, and listen, I felt like whatever I was going through and the emotions I was feeling, went away.

I believe the more you dIve into spending time with God (making it an requirement) you will become spiritually strong to the point that when things arrive you will have faith in God more and know that God can do anything in the situation that you are in. Plus, spending time with Him will begin to not feel like a requirement-it will feel like ( I want to be in His presence, I want to hear His voice, and know that He is with me)

So, not saying I am perfect. But, I will try my best to spend time with God every chance I get.. Would you like to join me in my quest!!! Of getting to know your King more? I believe it would be awesome to share the word with others…WHAT DO YOU THINK?


As a Christian…….Do I really know God like I should? Do I trust Him like I should? Those are the questions that rummage through my heart. Today, I have come to realize that the problems that I am facing in my life —- I don’t even care about anymore…. I just tell God, whatever happens, happens:

If I lose my job, I don’t even care, If I am broke, I don’t even care and etc,etc,etc

In my mind, if I am going to live paycheck to paycheck then I rather die. Because, that is not the life I want to live—-There are goals that I want to accomplish and working for someone puts a limit on my money and how I need to use it to better my life…. I want to be a Christian Singer and living paycheck to paycheck want fuel the passion I want to become real in my life.

I am just not going to be concerned about anything anymore. It takes too much out of me to be positive-because I feel that anytime I am positive, nothing goes right or at least some nice changes-would be great!

I feel stuck, like I can’t go anymore… And now I sit here trying to figure out how I can become unstuck and just concentrate on making my dreams come true, w/o a stupid job being in my way. Even though I feel the way I feel….Some where in my heart–I still need God.

So, I ask you…..Do I really know God like I should, and Do I trust Him like I should? Better yet, Do I have any faith in Him,like I should?

There is a life that I see so many people go through… Follow the same foot print as the other…. I want to go the opposite and have a better life, an amazing life before I leave this earth–I don’t want the children that God bless me with to struggle like I have and do now (at least not financially)- Don’t want my future children to struggle at all-but definitely not financially. There will be trials-and I can’t stop that, but financially I want them to be alright.

The moral of this blog: I want God drenched in my life but I want to be financially free, and when my children come out of that age when they start to notice life I want them to know that financially they have nothing to worry about!!!

The question is: Where do I go and what do I do now? I don’t want to go to work tomorrow knowing that I did nothing to change my life and to have the Christian Singing Career that I want!!!!!!

A Penny For My Thoughts!!!-Being Content!!!

Being Content

WHERE DO I START…………………………………………………………..

Today has started off as an awesome day for me. I guess remembering the verse: Hebrews 13:5, States it all. What that verse says to me is that, “God will not forsake me or leave me”. So when He says, “Be Content”- you have to think deeper then that, let the spirit guide you.

God knows the desires of your heart, right? But He also knows about things in your heart that could be keeping you from getting your blessings or even better- having a beautiful, loving relationship with Him. God ask us to be content because He wants us to be thankful for what we have and where we are at.

If you look at your situation as a blessings in disguise: God will start to open up other avenues/doors for you………When you just say, “Thank You” (even if you don’t understand why you are saying thank you)- to God that means so much more to Him then it means to you! You get my drift?

To be content to me: is not accepting where I am at, but being patient and waiting on God to see what doors He will open up for me and allowing God to fix what is in my heart so that He can give me the desires of my heart.

Don’t worry about: materials, money, having a new car (just like He takes care of the animals)-do you think He thinks any less of you? My answer would be NO!! So, don’t worry about things you have no control over. Be content (not accepting where you are at) but being in your word, praying, fasting, and spending that one on one with God-being real with Him. And doing what is in your heart while you are getting to know your Heavenly Father. That is one way of getting that special door of opportunity open to what ever you desire in your heart.

Remember: God does know what you desire in your heart, but He also knows what is in your heart that needs to be fixed so that God can give you those desires. God does not want to give you more if it is going to pull you away from Him.

You might think nothing is wrong with you and everything is perfect but ask God to seek your heart, give you wisdom and understanding of whatever is in your heart, that is not of Him to be removed.

And know this, that whatever you ask of Him, sometimes God will give it to you because He knows you are ready for it and sometimes God knows that you will have to go through so things in order to get what you ask for, so when God does give it to you… He knows you want mess it up!!!

PS. Be content, Put God first: Spending that (REAL) one on one with him and let God show you how to really have an abundant, financial, and Joyous LIFE!! 🙂

Love you and God Bless