A Penny For My Thoughts!!!-Being Content!!!

Being Content

WHERE DO I START…………………………………………………………..

Today has started off as an awesome day for me. I guess remembering the verse: Hebrews 13:5, States it all. What that verse says to me is that, “God will not forsake me or leave me”. So when He says, “Be Content”- you have to think deeper then that, let the spirit guide you.

God knows the desires of your heart, right? But He also knows about things in your heart that could be keeping you from getting your blessings or even better- having a beautiful, loving relationship with Him. God ask us to be content because He wants us to be thankful for what we have and where we are at.

If you look at your situation as a blessings in disguise: God will start to open up other avenues/doors for you………When you just say, “Thank You” (even if you don’t understand why you are saying thank you)- to God that means so much more to Him then it means to you! You get my drift?

To be content to me: is not accepting where I am at, but being patient and waiting on God to see what doors He will open up for me and allowing God to fix what is in my heart so that He can give me the desires of my heart.

Don’t worry about: materials, money, having a new car (just like He takes care of the animals)-do you think He thinks any less of you? My answer would be NO!! So, don’t worry about things you have no control over. Be content (not accepting where you are at) but being in your word, praying, fasting, and spending that one on one with God-being real with Him. And doing what is in your heart while you are getting to know your Heavenly Father. That is one way of getting that special door of opportunity open to what ever you desire in your heart.

Remember: God does know what you desire in your heart, but He also knows what is in your heart that needs to be fixed so that God can give you those desires. God does not want to give you more if it is going to pull you away from Him.

You might think nothing is wrong with you and everything is perfect but ask God to seek your heart, give you wisdom and understanding of whatever is in your heart, that is not of Him to be removed.

And know this, that whatever you ask of Him, sometimes God will give it to you because He knows you are ready for it and sometimes God knows that you will have to go through so things in order to get what you ask for, so when God does give it to you… He knows you want mess it up!!!

PS. Be content, Put God first: Spending that (REAL) one on one with him and let God show you how to really have an abundant, financial, and Joyous LIFE!! 🙂

Love you and God Bless


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