Singer/Songwriter and Having A Job


Since I have been working at my job, twice I have cried at my desk because I want my life to be way better then what it is today. I guess you can say it has been my fault since I have not tried hard enough to get myself out there so that people can see who I really am,and what I am about.

Well, for the past couple of days I have settled down and started reading books about the music business and working on my 6 songs that I have created and while doing that I go to a job that does nothing for my career but pay me paycheck to paycheck. I know I need money to live but the pain I have that I try to tuck away so that I want quit my job is unbearable, I want my singing to replace my job.

I am tired of working for people and I want to live the life I want! I am not going to lie: the way my life is right now it is not easy staying motivated at all but I try, and to be honest with you I don’t think trying is enough……I’ve called out so much from my job-where it is close to me getting fired…..And the most risky thing that I want to do is..quit my job and drive off to a recording studio, record my music and get everything together to get it sent off to an A&R Representative.

Change has to start now and it starts with me!!!

I really just want someone to give me a chance


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