Always Remember!


I believe that there are some things that God is letting me remember

Let me tell you what happen to me today:

My husband and I before having bible study, we decided to go to Dunkin Donuts-which is down the street from us. While I was about to turn into DD a car right in front me was turning so slow into the parking lot that I almost got hit by a car! My mind made my eyes believe that the car was going to turn in quickly to the parking lot like most drivers do. That messed with my nerves so bad that I had to swerve back into the turning lane. And while that happen I did cuss twice/saying,”Stupid B****”.

Now, let me tell you. I was asking God to forgive me and calming myself down at the same time. Mind you I have not had a temper for a long time so when that happen I got so angry on the inside that I started to tear up and I wanted to ram my car right into the other guy’s car. He knew I was angry because he kept looking through his side mirror and I kept saying to myself, “Why did you turn so slow on that street,into the parking lot”?- come to find out he was old. And in my mind I was like, “You need your license revoked immediately”,lol.

Now, what got me is why I let this situation get me so angry? What was going on with me? I kept telling myself, “It is no big deal, it is over” but I could not let it go even when I wanted too. The anger that I was feeling, I had not felt in a long time. I use to have a bad temper a while ago but because of God and my husband I was able to tame it. But, today I did not know if the reason of me still feeling that rage was because I did not let it take me to the point of punching and yelling? Because I would usually do that when I let my temper take control of me.

When I got home, we tried having bible study-but it was not a good bible study like it usually is. So we finish bible study and I was still feeling not angry but overwhelmed and wanted to cry so I just slept for a little and I felt better. But as I type this blog- I am still trying to figure out why I let that situation get the best of me. Oh, and plus I was getting in minor arguments with my husband before bible study and letting every little thing get to me,lol

And to refer to that statement above: “I believe that there are some things that God is letting me remember”

Even though you are spending time with God and doing right and try to be the best servant for God that you can possibly be, things are still going to happen, satan is still going to try to mess with you.

I am not trying to be a religious freak but I really want to do my best to refrain from cursing- especially if I want to be a Christian singer and honor my God to the fullest. I am sorry to some that think this story is awkward, but my relationship with God is very important to me. I am not a religious nut but I just want to do my best for God, so when I am in heaven I can hear:

“Well done my good and faithful servant”!


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