A lesson learned!


Yesterday, was a day of revealing that I have somethings that I definitely need to work on and change….And today I feel God’s spirit while I am typing this blog and I feel at peace. Excited about going to church to worship the God that has helped me along the way :).


While at church during a sermon God was speaking to my pastor about putting up a wall so you want get hurt. And forgiveness.

I will say, that I really dont want to let a lot of people in my life and I am actually letting people that I let in my life/ my heart- I am building up a wall with them because I dont trust them and I feel that they really dont care about me at all.

And I feel good doing that. I am starting to make my circle very small and careful who I share my heart with.

So, I made a decision to concentrate on God/My Marriage/ and my Singing Career- and I will be careful who I share my heart and life with. I dont want to be hurt anymore and I dont want to allow anyone to have mind control over me.


I have to concentrate on what matters……People are going to be people…And I cant change them, but I can CHANGE ME! 🙂 And I feel good saying that 🙂

PS. Also, I am going to begin thinking about things more before I do or say anything. Like in my last post….I am going to be very conscientious of everything I do so that I can make wiser decisions!

My heart is too precious to just give to anyone. I will give my heart to people that love me for who I am.❤- I have a heart that God has given me that is meant to share with the 🌎 and I am alright with that.

But I am still going to be careful. Because not every one deserves me and I am a great person and if people dont see that and want to take advantage of me, then it is thier lost! I know my self worth because of the God I serve!


3 Replies to “A lesson learned!”

  1. I hope you keep and continue to find peace. Remember while you grow that God requires us to use what is given so if you seek to embody love you will get hurt no matter how fortified the walls. I remind myself in that regard, “You cannot proclaim the infinite God and then immediately bind him with the limitations of your personal struggle.” We must stretch forth and sometimes be hurt. Learn to mold the injure into anger, a righteous anger then focus it like a laser beam to accomplish your spiritual growth. Anger can be the energy for change! People will hurt us, some intentionally other unintentionally. We must discern between the two and correct them in their error lovingly and if that loving correction is refused then cut them off but never build walls. Because there is a thin line between walls of protection and a self made prison. Be well sister and stay the narrow path. I am beside you all the way.

    1. That put a smile on my face. Thank You for such a deep response! I am going to reread your comment because it really spoke to my heart. You need to start your own blog immediately! You are deep bro.

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