Angry Black Woman


This is just a laughing manner what I am about to talk about. But still serious- This little story I am about to tell you, has let me look at myself.

Sometimes my husband makes me want to smack him right upside the head! When he gets in his moods (nothing irate) just him being bothered about something as a man which he has every right to be bothered by this little situation that he is in that he knows and I know we should not be in at all.

I then get angry because I can’t do anything to make it better and then I feel out of place and when I am trying to talk to him and he is acting like a butt-I get mad and start cussing. Well, today I just left him alone and kind of said one cuss word…But I stopped it right there—I did not let it go any further.

Then while I am at Barnes & Noble, I sat down and God brung to my attention: “Every time you are in a bad mood or you throw one of your temper tantrums, he does not get angry or upset, he understands and let you be you until you are better. He does not curse at you at all!” That was God chastising me right there.

So, I am going to have to work on my temperance when it comes to him acting a certain way, Especially if his ways are justified. And as I stated before I do agree on why he is a little upset about the situation we are in.

But, we will get out of it and honestly- it will never happen again. It is up to us to change a negative situation into a good one.

I will apologize to him…So, don’t worry ladies!!! 🙂

I need to look at myself and order to change myself.

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