Prayer Closet 5: Expounding on Faith



Spending time with God each day is getting easier every moment.  I am still everywhere as far as trying to get a strategy on reading scriptures to strengthen my spirit. But I am getting in the motion and it is honestly exciting spending time with Him. I got up at 5:30 AM this morning and It is now 7:08 AM. He said, seek Him early and that is what I am doing. 🙂

I said to myself that I have to spend time with Him everyday because if I don’t I am going to get lazy and start slipping back into my old ways. I don’t want to have the feelings of depression or anything that is going to draw me away from God.

Every since spending time with God, I have seen myself letting go of things that I use to liked doing, and that I was doing compulsively, which is changing everyday in my eyes. And I am now starting to see spiritual fruit on my spiritual tree.  I can tell that they more I spend with my Heavenly Father, the less my flesh is involved in my life!

I am still getting into studying Faith– God made an example, stating that: If you believe you can move a mountain, that is how big your faith should be or better yet, “Have a child like faith!”

Mark 11:22-24  says it all! And it speaks volumes to my spirit like never before. There is a different when you just read the bible and look at the scripture and then go about your day, But when you sit there and study it and really want to spend time with God- you see that scripture in a whole other light!

So, if your faith can be that big….Imagine how different your life would be if you just had faith in God (like a mustard seed)-study to show thy self approve so you can have that AMAZING Faith!. Another Scripture that I am deeply in love with is John 7:38– when it talks about  “Out of him flows living water”-and I talked about that in my previous post, that speaks a lot to my spirit as well.  I am going to spend time with God more on this book of  John and this verse 7:38 because it speaks to my spirit too much: I even feel it in my belly! I HOPE YOU ALL UNDERSTAND WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT-#INMYEXCITEDVOICE

Love you and enjoy a BLESS SUNDAY!!!!



Prayer Closet 4: Living Water!


Yesterday when I spoke to God He spoke something to my spirit when I was looking up verses about FAITH. And one verse in particular stood out and that was:


Let me tell you why this scripture is so deep to me: I have never read this scripture before in my life. While I was attending Jacksonville Worship Center– Part of that scripture flowed through my belly (literally)Living water flows through my belly (that is exactly what I said)- and this came when I was singing on stage. Now you can’t tell me that God is not real , when something like that just comes out of no where. Even when I questioned God if I truly believe in Him (while searching the verses of Faith)- That scripture stood out and spoke to my spirit:And I said to the Holy Spirit- in such a child like way-so I do believe in you!

Even when I was about 5 to 7 years old I was at church and I told my mother that I wanted to give my life to Christ-My mother never said to me to give my life to Christ. God spoke to me at a very young age. That is another reason I know God is real!

I have become so scared of not knowing or believing who He is because I was not spending any time with Him. We are always putting so much of the world in us to the point God is not there like He should be.  I even noticed my attitude has changed ( you remember my previous 2 post a couple of days ago?) Every since those two post my life has changed dramatically! Just by spending time with my Heavenly Father.

Start spending time with God- Talk to Him like you would talk to a friend, a Mother,Father,Sister,Brother, Husband, Wife,Cousin,Nephew,Niece,Aunt,or Uncle. I promise you, you will start to feel different: Attitudes will change, YOUR WHOLE LIFE WILL CHANGE: Your strength will be replace with God’s strength, Your mindset (the way you think)-will be replaced with How God thinks, Everything in your life that seem so hard will seem effortless and easy. I say these things because just in the past 4 days things began to fall in placed and became easy to accomplished.  

Try Him you want regret it!

I already know that  satan is going to try his “little tactics” and I will be ready for that “little punk”!!! Long as I stay consistent with spending time with the Holy Spirit- I will be ready for every fiery dart that satan throws at me.

Once you stay constant with spending time with God: You will be consistent,and persistent with everything else that you do in your daily life or what you want to do in your  life that you thought you could not do or was too hard for you to do.

In my opinion, to change your mindset-spend time with God. Watch how your life changes.-Erica Simpson 

Prayer Closet 3: Faith and things I should not utter.

faith-sunset  AND



PS. Sorry I am every where in this post, I am just excited that I spending time with God like I should and that in my spirit I am listing things in my heart that needs to be fixed so that God can truly use me. 

As I spoke with God yesterday night before 12am, a lot of things came to my mind. I admitted to God that I need more faith in Him and what comes with that is spending as much time with Him as much as I possibly can. Also, as a Servant of God we have to be very careful  with what comes out of our mouths, even if no one hears it. We need to understand that if we love God enough we will respect what His ears can hear and He is the one you should be worried about when it comes to certain things as Christians that we should not be saying.

The reason I speak on this is because a lot of filthy things have been coming out of my mouth that I know I should not be saying. I will not get into detail but as me being a Christian/ A Christian Singer I need to respect God more and myself as a Woman of God. And since then, talking to God about this situation, today I have been very careful about what has come out of my mouth.

As an adult (and that worldly thinking) we think it is alright to say the things that we say, because we are “Adults” But if you have an conscientious spirit and that relationship with God, you would be careful of the things you say that are of this world. And that includes cussing! I definitely have to work on my cussing. In actuality I can honestly quit in a heart beat – I did it today ( quit cussing). I am not perfect and I have a long way to come. But I do pray that I (if anything gets me mad) that I can learn to not let that cussing spirit get any glory or my attention!

And to conclude: I have made a list and I am at 13 on the things God and I are going to work on together (about me). But, the first thing that has been speaking to my spirit is having FAITH in Him.I want my life to be better for God so He can truly use me for His purpose and so that I can have a joyful life and not let anything bother me or make my life seem like it is bad. Because honestly it’s not that bad.

I might not like everything about my life, but I am the only one to change that.

Also I have told God that I will not be ready for my singing career until I am one with Him. Meaning I want my relationship with God to be:  #AWESOME (in my singing voice)

Prayer Closet: Day 2





Here is the update…..

I spent time with God in my closet (Prayer Closet) and it was wonderful.  My whole attitude changed and I was in a better mood. I was not depressed anymore like I was yesterday and this past weekend. I spoke to Him like He was right in front of my face. I shared some things with Him and He spoke to my mind and heart. After spending time with Him, I did not curse for the remainder of the day and I did not get mad (especially when there was something my husband said to me, <still love him though>)

I will not go into detail of what we talked about, but I will say it was about Prosperity-money and how it should be used for His kingdom and how we should not use the money for our self indulgence (don’t be greedy and just think about yourself). If you truly love God you would want to help the world with what you have gained financially. 

There is something I want to share with you, but I feel in my spirit I shouldn’t. At least not right now.

Ask yourself this question: As a Christian or a person that does not know God like they should, how would you use the money that God has bless you with? Pray before you just answer that question. You don’t have to tell me, but just talk to God. Converse with Him. Here is an article I was reading when I was talking with God, it was a pretty deep article.

Hopefully it will change your views on monetary gain and the importance of how you should utilize your money.—does-god-want-you-to-be-rich.html

-I am in a spiritual warfare. satan is trying to do things to mess up my life with God and the blessings He has for me. My spirit has to be stronger then my flesh. I have to feed my spirit more and my flesh less.  Erica Simpson-Guthman

Prayer Closet!


Today or tonight rather. I sit and ask God if I can be with him for eternity. Then I felt in my spirit that I should talk to Him for a while in the “PRAYER CLOSET”. He did say in the bible:But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. 

I am going to try this until Friday and see how it changes my life, what will it do for me mentally, spiritually, and physically?  Not to be a hypocrite or prove anything to man, but my husband did this yesterday and I felt God’s spirit in that room. And since my husband leads by example I will follow.

Yes, I do want money and I want my singing career but I first and foremost want a personal and loving relationship with my Heavenly Father. I will let you know how it goes.

One more thing: we all go through spiritual warfare, and it is up to us to fight it with God by our side or just sit and let satan beat us up. It is your choice. Even though you may read some of my blogs- I am showing you how I am in a warfare with the things unseen. And it seems like satan is winning. But, believe me… As long as God is breathing air into my lungs I am going to keep doing the best I can until God is ready for me to go home. As long as I try to fight for God, I will always be winning.


Even though I feel the way I feel, I still have that %10 left. Hopefully I will be %100 one day 🙂


Sometimes the silent cries are the worst ones.A person that is suppose to love God (well I think I love Him, I don’t know right now) I think about death a lot. And the reason why I think about my demise so much because:

1. I am never consistent with spending time with God
2. My financial life is crap!
3. I always make decisions off my emotions and I make my life even more worse to the point that I feel like I will never make my life right again (Hell! I am about to be 30 this year and I have not a damn thing going for myself)
4. I have like %10 of hope in my life. I even told God that if I do take my own life please don’t feel sorry for me and don’t think it was His fault- I messed up on my own life, if I would of followed His rules my life would be better then it is.

Just to get back on what I said above (“well I think I love Him, I don’t know right now”)- I say that because I want to leave this earth (take my own life). I just don’t know if my life will get better financially. I know this is sad what I am saying,but in my post, until I get my life completely right with the MAN UPSTAIRS—you are always going to get the good with the bad.

I am a woman, a sinner saved by grace and every breath that he gives me is another chance to get my life right with Him.

P.S Please pray for my mind and heart to get real with Him. I am trying my best!!! I am trying my best.  I feel weak like I can’t handle the things in my life anymore. I am weak,right now.