Prayer Closet: Day 2





Here is the update…..

I spent time with God in my closet (Prayer Closet) and it was wonderful.  My whole attitude changed and I was in a better mood. I was not depressed anymore like I was yesterday and this past weekend. I spoke to Him like He was right in front of my face. I shared some things with Him and He spoke to my mind and heart. After spending time with Him, I did not curse for the remainder of the day and I did not get mad (especially when there was something my husband said to me, <still love him though>)

I will not go into detail of what we talked about, but I will say it was about Prosperity-money and how it should be used for His kingdom and how we should not use the money for our self indulgence (don’t be greedy and just think about yourself). If you truly love God you would want to help the world with what you have gained financially. 

There is something I want to share with you, but I feel in my spirit I shouldn’t. At least not right now.

Ask yourself this question: As a Christian or a person that does not know God like they should, how would you use the money that God has bless you with? Pray before you just answer that question. You don’t have to tell me, but just talk to God. Converse with Him. Here is an article I was reading when I was talking with God, it was a pretty deep article.

Hopefully it will change your views on monetary gain and the importance of how you should utilize your money.—does-god-want-you-to-be-rich.html

-I am in a spiritual warfare. satan is trying to do things to mess up my life with God and the blessings He has for me. My spirit has to be stronger then my flesh. I have to feed my spirit more and my flesh less.  Erica Simpson-Guthman


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