Prayer Closet 3: Faith and things I should not utter.

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PS. Sorry I am every where in this post, I am just excited that I spending time with God like I should and that in my spirit I am listing things in my heart that needs to be fixed so that God can truly use me. 

As I spoke with God yesterday night before 12am, a lot of things came to my mind. I admitted to God that I need more faith in Him and what comes with that is spending as much time with Him as much as I possibly can. Also, as a Servant of God we have to be very careful  with what comes out of our mouths, even if no one hears it. We need to understand that if we love God enough we will respect what His ears can hear and He is the one you should be worried about when it comes to certain things as Christians that we should not be saying.

The reason I speak on this is because a lot of filthy things have been coming out of my mouth that I know I should not be saying. I will not get into detail but as me being a Christian/ A Christian Singer I need to respect God more and myself as a Woman of God. And since then, talking to God about this situation, today I have been very careful about what has come out of my mouth.

As an adult (and that worldly thinking) we think it is alright to say the things that we say, because we are “Adults” But if you have an conscientious spirit and that relationship with God, you would be careful of the things you say that are of this world. And that includes cussing! I definitely have to work on my cussing. In actuality I can honestly quit in a heart beat – I did it today ( quit cussing). I am not perfect and I have a long way to come. But I do pray that I (if anything gets me mad) that I can learn to not let that cussing spirit get any glory or my attention!

And to conclude: I have made a list and I am at 13 on the things God and I are going to work on together (about me). But, the first thing that has been speaking to my spirit is having FAITH in Him.I want my life to be better for God so He can truly use me for His purpose and so that I can have a joyful life and not let anything bother me or make my life seem like it is bad. Because honestly it’s not that bad.

I might not like everything about my life, but I am the only one to change that.

Also I have told God that I will not be ready for my singing career until I am one with Him. Meaning I want my relationship with God to be:  #AWESOME (in my singing voice)


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