Prayer Closet 4: Living Water!


Yesterday when I spoke to God He spoke something to my spirit when I was looking up verses about FAITH. And one verse in particular stood out and that was:


Let me tell you why this scripture is so deep to me: I have never read this scripture before in my life. While I was attending Jacksonville Worship Center– Part of that scripture flowed through my belly (literally)Living water flows through my belly (that is exactly what I said)- and this came when I was singing on stage. Now you can’t tell me that God is not real , when something like that just comes out of no where. Even when I questioned God if I truly believe in Him (while searching the verses of Faith)- That scripture stood out and spoke to my spirit:And I said to the Holy Spirit- in such a child like way-so I do believe in you!

Even when I was about 5 to 7 years old I was at church and I told my mother that I wanted to give my life to Christ-My mother never said to me to give my life to Christ. God spoke to me at a very young age. That is another reason I know God is real!

I have become so scared of not knowing or believing who He is because I was not spending any time with Him. We are always putting so much of the world in us to the point God is not there like He should be.  I even noticed my attitude has changed ( you remember my previous 2 post a couple of days ago?) Every since those two post my life has changed dramatically! Just by spending time with my Heavenly Father.

Start spending time with God- Talk to Him like you would talk to a friend, a Mother,Father,Sister,Brother, Husband, Wife,Cousin,Nephew,Niece,Aunt,or Uncle. I promise you, you will start to feel different: Attitudes will change, YOUR WHOLE LIFE WILL CHANGE: Your strength will be replace with God’s strength, Your mindset (the way you think)-will be replaced with How God thinks, Everything in your life that seem so hard will seem effortless and easy. I say these things because just in the past 4 days things began to fall in placed and became easy to accomplished.  

Try Him you want regret it!

I already know that  satan is going to try his “little tactics” and I will be ready for that “little punk”!!! Long as I stay consistent with spending time with the Holy Spirit- I will be ready for every fiery dart that satan throws at me.

Once you stay constant with spending time with God: You will be consistent,and persistent with everything else that you do in your daily life or what you want to do in your  life that you thought you could not do or was too hard for you to do.

In my opinion, to change your mindset-spend time with God. Watch how your life changes.-Erica Simpson 


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