Prayer Closet 5: Expounding on Faith



Spending time with God each day is getting easier every moment.  I am still everywhere as far as trying to get a strategy on reading scriptures to strengthen my spirit. But I am getting in the motion and it is honestly exciting spending time with Him. I got up at 5:30 AM this morning and It is now 7:08 AM. He said, seek Him early and that is what I am doing. 🙂

I said to myself that I have to spend time with Him everyday because if I don’t I am going to get lazy and start slipping back into my old ways. I don’t want to have the feelings of depression or anything that is going to draw me away from God.

Every since spending time with God, I have seen myself letting go of things that I use to liked doing, and that I was doing compulsively, which is changing everyday in my eyes. And I am now starting to see spiritual fruit on my spiritual tree.  I can tell that they more I spend with my Heavenly Father, the less my flesh is involved in my life!

I am still getting into studying Faith– God made an example, stating that: If you believe you can move a mountain, that is how big your faith should be or better yet, “Have a child like faith!”

Mark 11:22-24  says it all! And it speaks volumes to my spirit like never before. There is a different when you just read the bible and look at the scripture and then go about your day, But when you sit there and study it and really want to spend time with God- you see that scripture in a whole other light!

So, if your faith can be that big….Imagine how different your life would be if you just had faith in God (like a mustard seed)-study to show thy self approve so you can have that AMAZING Faith!. Another Scripture that I am deeply in love with is John 7:38– when it talks about  “Out of him flows living water”-and I talked about that in my previous post, that speaks a lot to my spirit as well.  I am going to spend time with God more on this book of  John and this verse 7:38 because it speaks to my spirit too much: I even feel it in my belly! I HOPE YOU ALL UNDERSTAND WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT-#INMYEXCITEDVOICE

Love you and enjoy a BLESS SUNDAY!!!!



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