I love you but I gotta keep MOVING!!!

For the first time in my life (this is pertaining to my singing career) I am starting to be persistent on building my craft. This is something that I needed to work on for a while. And what has kept me going is this video from YouTube:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_IUWxiaw4g– this sermon is by T.D. Jakes.

I was on YouTube looking for a sermon about peace, and for some reason I fell on a  sermon form T.D. Jakes (The Power of Words-is the title) Also I will get back on my “Prayer In The Closet”. I mean maybe I need to show through my blogs my struggle of staying Persistent! I am only human and not perfect ( I mean only in His eyes!)- I am stating this because I am always getting the motivation to be on this binge to write a post everyday and when I do, I stop and you never see me again until a month or so later ( the same with making my singing videos!!!) So, like I stated before, this video has motivated me and changed my mindset every since .

To Conclude: Anyone that believes in God or that wants to know what God is about and you need motivation, please click on this link and fully click on the link and watch the video above!!!!

I love ya’ll and have a bless day!!!


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