Talking about mental illness

Mental Illness



I know I have written  about 2-3 post about Bipolar. But I will say, that I think that I am better with it… I do believe that I might  need to take a low dosage of anti-depressants but other then that I think I am fine. I mean, I’ve been controlling it (because of God) for 3 years. I don’t rely on the medicine at all ( I made a choice to stop taking it) but every once in the while I feel like I need a little push. But other then that I am good. Plus, I am able to get through everyday without having any episodes because I spend time with God and I talk to him almost everyday. That is how I am able to not get sick mentally. I think back to when I was not spending time with God and how I snapped at the age of 17 and was in and out of the mental institution and taking all kinds of medicine for what I was diagnose with. I will get into that later. But, at the end of the day , When you spend time with God, you will be able to handle  a lot of things that you thought you could not handle. It might take you a while to get through it like I did. But with God: Praying,Reading the bible, Spending time with Him… You will be able to began getting healed and letting your life be controlled by Him.


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