Spiritual Attack or Mental illness 2

Mental Illness



It is day two of not thinking about taking medicine for what the “doctor” says I have. I have been talking to God through out the day and I have been meditating and reading my word. And when things, I feel like are going to bother me I say these words, SLOW TO ANGER ( multiple times in my head)that is to remind me of what God had spoke to my spirit two days ago. 

Ever since I made the declaration to really spend my time with God, I’ve changed a little. I can’t wait to see a DRAMATIC CHANGE! But that all starts with me.

I can say that yesterday I was praying through to get myself ready for work… I cried and prayed to not quit my job, because I want my singing career so bad… I yearn for my music, God is the reason for this voice and the songs I write. And I am going to share it with the world very soon…. When I did go to work yesterday, I was smiling because I was thinking, I am actually building my craft, working on my music career. Dad, you said I was wasting my time ( and you were right) but I am now pushing and STRIVING. 

I want to say, “I thank all the people who prayed and believe in what I want to do with my life.”

The decisions you make will make a big difference in your spiritual life with God,and your future.


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