2nd Chance

Second Chances

I wish God would let me start my life over at a certain age…Maybe 17? That is where all hell broke lose and I made the most stupid decisions in my life, If I could go back to 17, I would say, “Stupid!-it is going to be alright just concentrate on God, yourself and your music career.  If you continue  down this road you will make your life a living HELL!”

As I type this post I reminisce on how I am going to be 30 next month, the big 30….And nothing has been accomplished in my life. I am not going to even complain because I chose what I chose, now I have to see what I can do different to make my life better (financially, spiritually, mentally and physically) I will not sit around and mope about this and about that: That will not fix anything. My actions of 2016 will determine how I would like my life to be.

I might be getting a second chance, but just not at 17.So, I guess I will take that and run with it. JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL……….




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