What will YOU Choose?




For the first time in my life I am beginning to want to live and breath my music, I don’t want to go to work without having done something with my music career. I have never felt this invigoration of wanting to work my hardest at something I love and want. This career is not only about me wanting to do what I love financially but about my creator. The one that gave me this miraculous gift. It was not for Him, I would not have this gift that I can’t wait to share around the world.

I’ve been thinking to myself: why do I sleep, get up, and go to a job that does nothing for me but pay bills. My job only uses 15% of my brain, that is it! I know most people would disagree with my philosophy  but when you want more in life then what you are doing now, your mindset would or will be just like mines. Like I said before I am going to make better decisions . My mom always said,” Never Settle for Less”

And that is what I am choosing to do: The sky is the limit and I can go as high as I want to go until God says,” This is where you need to be”!

Love and God Bless


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