Seek My Face and You Shall Find



As I set on the bed I felt the spirit come  ( The spirit was very welcoming, very warm and loving) almost like a hug and I began to pray and tears fell down my face and all I felt in my spirit was ( Seek my face and You shall find me) as that was repeated and my eyes closed. I felt something near me, I felt it for a minute, and then it went away. I don’t know if that was the spirit saying that I am always here or an angel. I am very sure that is what it  was because this is not the first time I’ve had this experience.

Every time I pray to God or I sing in the spirit and his presence is known, I feel that presence right in front of me.  I got scared at first when this happened to me tonight because this will be the first time I recognize it.


Good Night Word Press FAM


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