Hope! Are you out there?


stock-photo-sad-woman-hug-her-knee-and-cry-381189358I need to VENT!!!

I have been sitting back and thinking about how bad I screwed up my life.I feel like I can’t get out of this hole that I previously talked about. I sit here in my car thinking about: Can I do better, can I fix my credit, can I get a home of my own, can I have the singing career that I want, and  can I have a SUCCESSFUL LIFE?!!! All of this hangs above my head. It just sits there and lingers, just a question mark on the top of my head. I am lost and can’t breath………………………………………..


Picture this:

This is what I see: I am in my own world and I am the only one there and my world is just circling around me, I don’t even have an open path for me to just start walking yet. Can you see the picture that I am trying to portray to you?

I am not being negative but I have a lot on my chest and I need to breath. God please carry me. I can’t do this on my own. Too much to do  in so little time.

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5 Replies to “Hope! Are you out there?”

  1. One of the few things most people are never taught is that (especially nowadays surrounded by an every increasing digital age where things happen fast) is you have to replace “I want” to “I have.” We can get into the hole really quick nowadays but the amount of work remains the same as it did when we were born to get out. We have to say “we are already” what we want to be and also feel it in the moment and try and hold on to it longer and longer in order to attract the situations that will propel us forward. These situations, books, events, emotional opportunities will appear but if not properly grounded in an atmosphere of “have” not “want” or “need” we may miss them or miss the succession of opportunities that will bring about progression not just change. We have to be intentional like that… open ended prayers for “change” may be answered but “change” is not always “progress.”
    Lastly, and this is something that was just affirmed to me recently: “Life does not respond to needs and wants, life responds to deserve” – Jim Rohn. In order to reap a crop you must plant some seeds, water that crop, protect it from the insects of doubt and complacency every day, every moment. We don’t need to be perfect but we need to strive for excellence everyday. We want have the same level or energy everyday so we need to be aware of that from the outset but over time thru “now focus” you will raise it.
    You also need to write down your goals and review them everyday. You need to have incremently goals, weekly, monthly, yearly, 5 year…. so on. Because if you don’t have the steps on paper somewhere then you can’t see it accomplished its just a bunch of strong feelings with no action steps to achieve. You want to sing? What does this look like accomplished? Who is going to help you achieve this goal? What type of exposure do you need to be your ideal successfully? How many books have you read on successful singing careers? Do you have a mentor? No? Why not? Prayer for those things… write those parts of the plan down…. answer them on paper. So instead of continually offering life wants and needs offer the seed of action.
    Do you have the energy for your singing success? This is important. You need to cultvate that if not by taking care of your body and being as disciplined with working out, meditating….so on as with going to work for someone. A job has what you will do as an employee for them. The owner isn’t just somewhere saying I want and I need people to do this…. all successfully businesses run this way. All successful people operate this way. Good luck….sis hope this helps.

  2. Before I forget. Constantly beating yourself up about how you screwed up your life is unforgiveness. We must forgive ourselves for those mistakes and also embrace failure as a tool and an answer to our prayers for progress because typically it is the answer and opportunity we look for everyday. Life doesn’t build in straight lines and niether is growth cultivated that way. We forget that it took time to learn how to multiple or learn the alphabet and those things were steps on how to write and do equations to solve higher problems, to grow, build, progress… whatever. It’s the same way when we pursue our goals. We need to learn the alphabets to success 1st before we create our story if not we leave our parts to other peoples stories and creations and nowadays alot out there isn’t concerned with anything but profit. If a company could figure away to sell oxygen they would and charge us for hour subscriptions. Laughing? Check out the carbon tax proposal… its in the works for what we exhale. Lol We need better people with wholesome visions out in this world. Be one of them. Put in the work.

    1. This is so inspirational. Thanks Bro. Love You. Man, you have just amazing writing skills. What you have written to me is mesmerizing and I am going to apply it to my life. This comment and the previous one you wrote to me is a book ( a free book) that I can and will apply. I thank God for a brother like you. I really do.

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