Don’t be AFRAID to live your LIFE!!!

Fear Not

I just notice that I was afraid to live life.  I was afraid to be happy and  joyful because of the circumstances I am in. I ask myself why should I be happy and joyful when I am in this predicament? -I am scared to be happy because my life is not they way I want it to be.

After all the questions and doubts, Today ( August 25, 2016 Thursday)   I finally decided  to live life with purpose and ignore the fear and negativity that I allowed satan to put in my mind.

satan is here to kill steal and destroy-don’t allow him to.

It didn’t work when I said, “If you can’t do anything about it why worry”?  What worked  was when I said,” I AM GOING TO Live  MY LIFE” —AND WHAT MADE A DIFFERENCE IS: I believe I actually put it in God’s hands.  I am going to live my life and I am going to do what I need to do to get where I need to be. Because If I sit back and do nothing and I just worry about what is not happening,  I am going to waste my life away and I will not get anywhere. As I said above: satan is here to kill steal and destroy and I am not going to give that minion  any type of satisfaction anymore.

I am learning to pray through the storm and just give it to God because what I can’t control He can fix and what I can control, I can control. I feel good since I am just going to let whatever negativity and circumstance in my life go and give it to Him.

This step has took some process, it did not happen overnight. I am  just happy I recognized that my joy  is more important to my health. And I am going to live it God’s way. His way is better then my ways. What I want for myself is cool but God has better for me, which is beyond my expectations.


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