Israel Haughton Said It Best: To Worship You I Live, To Worship You I Live, I Live To Worship You……. Worship Him In Spirit And In Truth


In my mind I question what it is to worship God?  He said, “Worship Him in Spirit and in Truth”….. But what does He mean by that?  All I picture in my mind is me…. My true worship to Christ….Even when everything around seems like it is falling from beneath my feet….. I CHOOSE TO WORSHIP HIM ( someone, that I never seen in my life).

The  30 years I have been on this earth, I have not served Christ like I should ( at least that is what I think) But He has got me out of  a lot of things and I give Him the honor and praise for it…….And I give it to someone, a spirit that I have never seen… I think that is the most AWESOME thing ever….. To love what you don’t see/ To Worship what you don’t see.

I still hear His voice, He puts songs in my heart to let me know that He is listening. I believe that God talks to me through song because I am a singer who loves to worship Him. And the songs He laid in my heart early this morning was: My Life Is In Your Hand by Kirk Franklin and  Worship You I Live By Israel Haughton. I know there is a reason those songs pop up in my heart….. Like I said before, “God is saying something to me through those two songs and I know that everything is going to be OK”.

I worship Him because My Life is in His Hands or My Life is in His Hands and that is why I worship Him- That about sums it up!!!






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