Rise Up!!!

And I’ll Rise Up/ High Like The Waves /And I’ll Rise Up/In Spite of The Ache


Those words ( in red ) up above is what I hear in my spirit. In the days to come I will hurt (like I do now)  and I will be upset with myself ( like I am now) . I will not say, but I do not have time to make decisions. I have to do what is needed for me to get further ahead in my life. There is no more…..Second guessing, if God is real in my life? or Why God allows this and allows that?- Either I will believe in Him or not. I have no choice but to believe in Him. I need to believe in something, because these other “gods” that people worship is just not for me. They do not give me the satisfaction that the Holy Spirit gives me.

Because of God…… I am able to fight my battle, I feel like there is strength behind my capabilities and I choose to give God the honor for that. My mother followed God and to me she had a successful life- She always made sure that I kept my eyes on Him.

I do not know if my days will get any better but I will still continue to fight and RISE UP!!!!

I pray this fight don’t last always, I still have hope even if it is a mustard seed


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