Someone To Know Me

It does not hurt  when  people or no one cares about you; what hurts is when you want and look for them to care and love you but they don’t.

It is cool though. I was not born in this world for anyone to love me,  or want to be around me. I was just born….That’s it! And I happen to be some ones mistakes. I am very sorry for anyone that has met me. And I pray to God that I made an impact on someone’s life, even if it was small.

No one really knows who I am. They think they do but yet they have no idea. I wish people would get to (really) know me…They would probably like me.

Life goes on. At least I can sing. That is one thing that is good about me. Hope fully my dream will come true with my singing. 😊

-This is not for anyone to have any pity on me or feel sad for me. I just need to vent my hurt out, instead of talking about It to someone.

Love you all.


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