Messed Up Ball Of Yarn!

Cats like playing with yarn and once they are done playing with that yarn: it becomes deranged: That ball of yarn is ME. LOL. Yep, it is actually funny.

Hi, My name is Erica!!!

Everyday, since last week, I have woke up and started to think about decisions that I have to make. And I ask God to guide me in making those decisions; even if a wrong decision is made, He would fix it and put me on the right path. This week, I have woke up with a decision I’ve made so quickly because it felt like it needed to be made immediately. And as I think about it, I regret that decision ( I do not  know if it is the Holy Spirit telling me not to do it? Or if it is me not wanting to do what I agreed to?)– Mind you, I made this decision off of peer pressure of “We need to make this decisions now! Or we might lose out”. 

I rather lose out and be at peace then not lose out and be unhappy, and more confused as I am now.

Above is how my life has been every since I decided to make my own decisions. I wish someone would make my decisions for me and then maybe my life would be less hectic and confusing. My mind is just circling with decisions to be made in so little time. I know in this season, I am REALLY going to have to consult with God on this one.

P.S. My life is wasting away from me……..


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