This is how I felt….Can’t explain it, but this picture speaks to me.

Good Morning,

I just wanted to share a dream I had. It is on my heart, and I want to tell you about it. I’ve had this dream before. Maybe about 2 to 3 times.  And this dream is about the rapture. I do not know if God is telling me that the rapture is coming soon or if it is just something that I want to happen and so it turns into a dream? I do not know which one to choose but I know that is seems so real and I am so excited of His coming.  It was so unreal what I had seen when I reach heaven (of course dreams add in some weird things) but then when I think about it, I heard that there are many levels before you get to heaven because I felt like I was caught in between earth and heaven -if that make sense. I know I am rambling but I am just excited!!! So, here is how the dream went:

I was in a car (But it was not my car that I have now, it was a jeep) and it had a sunroof.  All I know (as it says, in the bible) In a twinkling of an eye, you will not know when He is coming, He will be like a thief in the night.  I knew that Jesus had come because I felt my body (spirit) being pulled out of the car and I was smiling so gracefully that I was screaming and saying (If I can remember) “Yes God! I am going to heaven and thank you for choosing me!” ….. Something to that extent. And as my body was pulled from the jeep into the sky, I saw others coming with me and then I was in the (what I think) the first realm, and what I had seen was too beautiful. If you think nature down here or the scenes that you see are beautiful wait until you see what I had seen.

In the other rapture dreams that I recently had, all I could see was the rapture beginning and or the sky opening for Jesus return. It never was, having the chance to see  what I had seen in this dream. What I had seen, seemed like it was out of a fairytale movie. I mean there were some weird things like, there were these big fries on the left side of me as I floated by but that was it, lol (sorry, I had to laugh at that).

Conclusion: When Christ is ready? Will you be? I know I am not ready, I must keep working on myself for His return.


We Shall See


Song that plays in my mind: This song was created by an Gospel Artist name Travis Green ( these are not my lyrics below: WATCH THE VIDEO) 

You made away/when my back was against the wall and it looks as if it was over/You made away, so I’m standing here only because you made away


Good Morning All!!!!

I feel like I am on a mission today. What can and will I accomplish? We shall see. I do want to thank God for just allowing me to do what I want to do with my life. And if I make mistakes, which I will, I know that He will clean them up and help me to get on the right road. But with His help:  I know it will take some crying, being angry, sad, confused, irritated and etc for me to say,”Alright let’s finish this race”.

There will be times I will fall, and I will get back up again. Not with my strength but His. As I type, I think about how my life will be in 2017, will I be where I want to be or will I still need to experience more to get to where I need to be. Like I said at the beginning, ” We Shall See”

History of my blogs



I know, when people read my blogs they seem bi-polar. But that is not the case. The reason why my post are the way they are is because, this is a woman that is growing in Christ and growing into herself. From the beginning I was trying to understand God and who I am. And I am still trying to understand God, and it is getting better the more I spend time with Him and the more I experience life.

My post tell stories of my life and what I went through and what went and goes on in my mind. I am showing that even though I believe in God I am still human and I will make mistakes. So, I am not ashamed of my post because I believe my post will help someone.

When I read my past post, I am not going to lie, I sit here saying, “What was I thinking”? But that is what  was going on in my mind and what I was going through at the time. That is why my blog name is: God Heard My Cry/ Listen to My Heart.

I am winning!



I am back and I have a different mindset. Things are going to change starting with me. I have been reading the bible, reading certain verses pertaining to my mind. The reasons I read verses about the mind is because I have allowed satan to come into my mind and battle with me, I have had this problem for a while and I have finally began to put my emotions aside and  battle him and his demons with the WORD. So, I read these scriptures (Bible Verses For The Mind) and I also read the scripture on (The Armour Of God) and then I say a prayer about God protecting my mind and my heart- I say this everyday ( even when I do not feel like it)- This also helps with my PROCRASTINATION

When I am done,  I then begin my day.  I have had my slip ups, but I still believe that God was in control and I felt and feel stronger. I share this because I know that there are a lot of people like me that are trying to fight the (BATTLE OF THE MIND). And I want to tell you there is a way to conquer that battle you may have. I don’t care what you are battling with, just try this and let God guide you to where He wants  you to go. I will say, it starts with you wanting change and wanting God to take control of your mind so that you can get and be better. This is just what has help me, and I pray that you can apply this to your life as well. I finally feel like I am winning, but it is only because of God.

PS> It takes self-discipline, strength (from God), and willing to fight your past and begin your future. People who read this understand where I am coming from.