I am winning!



I am back and I have a different mindset. Things are going to change starting with me. I have been reading the bible, reading certain verses pertaining to my mind. The reasons I read verses about the mind is because I have allowed satan to come into my mind and battle with me, I have had this problem for a while and I have finally began to put my emotions aside and  battle him and his demons with the WORD. So, I read these scriptures (Bible Verses For The Mind) and I also read the scripture on (The Armour Of God) and then I say a prayer about God protecting my mind and my heart- I say this everyday ( even when I do not feel like it)- This also helps with my PROCRASTINATION

When I am done,  I then begin my day.  I have had my slip ups, but I still believe that God was in control and I felt and feel stronger. I share this because I know that there are a lot of people like me that are trying to fight the (BATTLE OF THE MIND). And I want to tell you there is a way to conquer that battle you may have. I don’t care what you are battling with, just try this and let God guide you to where He wants  you to go. I will say, it starts with you wanting change and wanting God to take control of your mind so that you can get and be better. This is just what has help me, and I pray that you can apply this to your life as well. I finally feel like I am winning, but it is only because of God.

PS> It takes self-discipline, strength (from God), and willing to fight your past and begin your future. People who read this understand where I am coming from. 


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