History of my blogs



I know, when people read my blogs they seem bi-polar. But that is not the case. The reason why my post are the way they are is because, this is a woman that is growing in Christ and growing into herself. From the beginning I was trying to understand God and who I am. And I am still trying to understand God, and it is getting better the more I spend time with Him and the more I experience life.

My post tell stories of my life and what I went through and what went and goes on in my mind. I am showing that even though I believe in God I am still human and I will make mistakes. So, I am not ashamed of my post because I believe my post will help someone.

When I read my past post, I am not going to lie, I sit here saying, “What was I thinking”? But that is what  was going on in my mind and what I was going through at the time. That is why my blog name is: God Heard My Cry/ Listen to My Heart.


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