We Shall See


Song that plays in my mind: This song was created by an Gospel Artist name Travis Green ( these are not my lyrics below: WATCH THE VIDEO) 

You made away/when my back was against the wall and it looks as if it was over/You made away, so I’m standing here only because you made away


Good Morning All!!!!

I feel like I am on a mission today. What can and will I accomplish? We shall see. I do want to thank God for just allowing me to do what I want to do with my life. And if I make mistakes, which I will, I know that He will clean them up and help me to get on the right road. But with His help:  I know it will take some crying, being angry, sad, confused, irritated and etc for me to say,”Alright let’s finish this race”.

There will be times I will fall, and I will get back up again. Not with my strength but His. As I type, I think about how my life will be in 2017, will I be where I want to be or will I still need to experience more to get to where I need to be. Like I said at the beginning, ” We Shall See”


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