Perfect Will



I feel pretty good today. I have an optimistic mindset. And it is because of God, I give all of my glory and honor to Him because I am able to keep going and I am not looking back at my past. Yesterday, was a very interesting day: My husband and I were blessed financially and we were not even looking forward to that. That is why they say,” God works in mysterious ways”. You never know when a blessing is on the way.

I thought about this, this morning. I feel like when you begin to grasp the errors of your ways, then God blesses you. I am not saying that He want bless you when you are down and in despair. But I feel when you are gaining wisdom and you are telling God, “I want to do it your way”, I believe He starts to open up doors to unexpected blessings.  When He can bless you with the little things and you are still happy and joyful with what He has blessed you with. Then you know you are growing in Him, when you are thankful for the little. When you are thankful for the little, He will give you the bigger blessings (Those bigger blessings are defined by that individual) . Whether it is financially, or a  mental and physical breakthrough, or whatever you need or ask for:

( This is a good scripture for this post)  Be faithful

I know I am rambling through this post but In, just what my husband and I are going through right now….God is teaching us how to be faithful and VERY thankful in what we have and where we are now. And I am truly honored because I know 2017 ( based off of what me and my husband do) We will have a SPONTANEOUS YEAR!

I honestly pray through every decision we make as a married couple (a covenant with God) That it is done in His PERFECT will and not ours. Whatever He has for us will be better then what we have for ourselves. And I pray the same thing for married and single couples as well.


Say Something!

I believe if you have wisdom, you will have a greater chance of making your life better. IT IS TRULY UP TO YOU!!!!!!!!

I cried out to God and once I did that I was able to think a little clearly.  And  get my thoughts together. I said everything I felt in my heart. I just want to be able to allow God to guide me and do what is in His will. Because whatever he has for I me, I know it is better for me then what I have been doing. I’ve been making choices and they have not been good choices ( so for making my bad choices ) I am in a situation that I do not like but I can deal with it for now. ( I promise when I get out of my situation, I will tell you)

Since I have a relationship with God and I want to follow Him, I feel like…. I know…. I should be consulting with Him first, then me and my husband pray and we go from their with making our decisions. Since I have given it to God ( yesterday) I mean I have really begun to give it to Him. I feel like weight has lift off of me and now I can fight and think clearly and make better decisions.

Well, that is all I can say for now. I will say, “the relationship that I have with God…. I need to say something so I can get my mind right”. And be the Erica  that I need to BE!

My God means a lot to me and I will always fight to know Him more. I want Him in my life. Why don’t you try Him for yourself.

Learning to Love

what-is-loveJust tonight, I notice that I am afraid to LOVE. That is why I distance and act weird with people that I love or have love for. Loving from a distance helps me to deal with the people in my life. I wish I could love without fear but I don’t think that will ever happen. I mean, the only thing that can help me with learning how to love people is spending time with God (being in His word and maybe even fasting).

I even try to not get too close to my husband because I don’t want to hurt him or vice versa. Well, we now  know that the year of 2017:  Erica, has to work on learning to love. What is so funny is I met a pastor that told me that as believers of God we have to love (whether through pain, hurt.happiness or sadness) Because that is what Jesus did. I understand that, but I am not Jesus. However, I will do the best I can to love others regardless of what they do to me ( You never know what other’s are going through). I am not perfect and I know I can hurt people too. That is why I try to stay to myself. I don’t know…………….

I guess I need to find out what Love really is?



The Singing Sicko!




These past 2 weeks have been hectic. Which includes: rehearsal and being sick. So, I am back,kind of, I am still getting over whatever I had but by God’s strength and healing I am getting there.

Well, today is the 21st of January. This month is almost over and I still have not heard anything back from AGT ( America’s Got Talent). I am still trying to wait until the first week of February to tell ya’ll how that day went and my view on how I think things should have been done. Anyways, I still get to utilize my voice with an awesome group ( Singing and singing about God) So, that will keep me going until I begin my project with my SINGING CAREER) The church is awesome, I have a cool and anointed teacher who does just what I have always talked about: Putting God first! Taking your profession serious when it comes to singing, doing vocal warm ups,making sure we take care of our voices and singing correctly and so much more.

That is about all for now. I am going to go back to taking care of myself.  I HATE being sick!

Just in case you don’t get this blog:  I am apologizing for not writing in my blog like I should and the reasons I have not been writing like I should. 🙂 Love Ya

Pushing Through!

When you begin to have wisdom and the mindset of: You Can Still Make It! Things and situations begin to change around you. Even when it all seems like it is about to fall apart. You look around and notice that all you can do is trust in God, and to put all your faith in him (even when fear arise). You become stronger and know that satan can not defeat you.

This is where I am today. If I told you what I  was going through right now and the choices I am going to have to make, you would be amazed. And you would wonder how my situation is going to turn out? I want to say……..I will let the video finish my thoughts.…….

Pushing Through



I live in an apartment, where I can’t even sing! There was a knock on the door repeatedly and then someone messed with the door knob. So, I am assuming it was a manager. I am sitting here thinking, I live in apartment where rent is payed and I can’t even practice singing without someone messing with me. I mean I was singing around 4ish  and you mean to tell me that I am interrupting someone?  I mean, come on… If it was around 8 or 9 then I understand. Now, I have to find another place to practice and sing. I wonder where I can go? Any suggestions? I can’t wait to have my own home.




Audition Complete!

Well, I did not blogged on the day of the audition because I was a little hurt and upset. And I know by reading that first line your thoughts are: SHE DID’NT MAKE IT! But you and I will not know that until the end of January beginning of Feb. I will tell you what bothered me with the whole process later ( It will be in  video format).

Any who, I did do well at the audition, I wish it could of been taped but for legal reason my husband couldn’t be in the room to record me as I was singing, and nor did the audition have any recordings of me singing ( weird, right?) I say, this humbly. I know that I captured the employee soul as I sung… Yes I said, “employee” ( not producer or anyone that could get you on the show)…… But I will stop there because this video I put up will be very interesting! As stated above: You will see the video between the end of Jan beginning of Feb- that is when they will be notifying people if they made it to the next round.

I learned a lot from the audition. I learn that even though what happened at the audition bothered me, to keep auditioning and singing every chance I  get. Like my husband said, “You will get many No’s but all you need is one YES!”  And I also had to remind myself that there were many singers that went on talent competitions and did not win or was not seen by a producer and still made it in their singing career.

Retro microphone on stage

As long as I know I can make it,  I will. And believe me, I know can make it. I have the gift from God (singing) the personality and strength to get to where I want to be and need to be.






Day before Audition



Today is the day! Well, a day before my audition! I’m getting prepared and asking God to be with me in this audition room. This is so exciting and I can’t wait until tomorrow. Please all of you, keep me in your prayers to do the best I can.  I keep saying to myself that I hate auditions, but I have to do what I need to do so that I can get a chance for the world to get to know who Erica Simpson is. I have so much to show the world through song. Whether it is a cover I do or my own song, I always share it through my heart and interpret the lyrics in a way that is conveyed to the world of what those lyrics mean to me.

Well, I am about to go practice and get ready for tomorrow. Have a bless day and Happy Friday!



I am really excited about what will take place: January 7th. I might make it and I might not but what counts is that I am working on my singing career. So, I am anticipating on the nervous but super exciting day. I hate auditions but I am going to do more this year when those opportunities arrive! I am not going to even lie, my heart is beating out of my chest right now and I have 2 more days, well in about 30 minutes, I have 1 day until the audition. If I am describing to you how I am acting now, I do not want to even think about how I am going to act on AUDITION DAY! Any who, will post tomorrow. Love ya’ll and God Bless.

Never Settle, Do Better!


I feel myself growing spiritually and I am beginning to have a more mature relationship with God. Today, I have come to realization that this year is going to  be very unique. I feel like what every trial I go through or test that comes my way I will be able to handle it very well. And that is through  praying, reading my word and praising God through song, or just praising Him period, so I can get through my season. I am beginning to fall out of love with Mr. Procrastination. I feel it! And it is because of God’s strength and changing my mindset that I am able to do that. For example: I did not feel like writing in my blog today, nor did I feel like praying or reading my bible, but I push through and did it anyways. I really thank God because I could just accept my old ways but I want to change and have a better life. I will never settle, I want to continue to work on myself and continue  to grow. Like my mom said,” Never Settle For Less”.

To All- Never settle! Always go for what you want and know that you can always do and be better!. Love You all!!! –Erica Simpson