First blog of 2017! :)



Happy New Year!

My first post of the year. I have 5 more days until a special day happens for me. Not a bad way to start off 2017.I am going to an audition January 7th and I might make it, who knows. If I don’t I will be OK, because I can’t just stop there. Will I be hurt and disappointed? Yes, of course! But, from what I have learned from 2016 is to be down for a second and get back up and keep going.  And that is what I have been practicing and I have a long ways to go but I am getting there. I do have a lot planned this month ( nothing big) just something for me to stay productive and leave  Mr. Procrastination out! So, that is it for now. There will be more to come. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


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