Never Settle, Do Better!


I feel myself growing spiritually and I am beginning to have a more mature relationship with God. Today, I have come to realization that this year is going to  be very unique. I feel like what every trial I go through or test that comes my way I will be able to handle it very well. And that is through  praying, reading my word and praising God through song, or just praising Him period, so I can get through my season. I am beginning to fall out of love with Mr. Procrastination. I feel it! And it is because of God’s strength and changing my mindset that I am able to do that. For example: I did not feel like writing in my blog today, nor did I feel like praying or reading my bible, but I push through and did it anyways. I really thank God because I could just accept my old ways but I want to change and have a better life. I will never settle, I want to continue to work on myself and continue  to grow. Like my mom said,” Never Settle For Less”.

To All- Never settle! Always go for what you want and know that you can always do and be better!. Love You all!!! –Erica Simpson


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