Audition Complete!

Well, I did not blogged on the day of the audition because I was a little hurt and upset. And I know by reading that first line your thoughts are: SHE DID’NT MAKE IT! But you and I will not know that until the end of January beginning of Feb. I will tell you what bothered me with the whole process later ( It will be in  video format).

Any who, I did do well at the audition, I wish it could of been taped but for legal reason my husband couldn’t be in the room to record me as I was singing, and nor did the audition have any recordings of me singing ( weird, right?) I say, this humbly. I know that I captured the employee soul as I sung… Yes I said, “employee” ( not producer or anyone that could get you on the show)…… But I will stop there because this video I put up will be very interesting! As stated above: You will see the video between the end of Jan beginning of Feb- that is when they will be notifying people if they made it to the next round.

I learned a lot from the audition. I learn that even though what happened at the audition bothered me, to keep auditioning and singing every chance I  get. Like my husband said, “You will get many No’s but all you need is one YES!”  And I also had to remind myself that there were many singers that went on talent competitions and did not win or was not seen by a producer and still made it in their singing career.

Retro microphone on stage

As long as I know I can make it,  I will. And believe me, I know can make it. I have the gift from God (singing) the personality and strength to get to where I want to be and need to be.







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